Also we use several types of Analytics to retrieve as most data as possible in order to improve app quality and user experience. We use Analytics to retrieve info about user usage in the application, this way we can understand flows and do some A/B Testing to try to improve the APP or Feature. And for last but not leats we use Crashlytics to monitor APP health and ensure quality after application goes to production.

APIs Integration

Are you using REST, SOAP, or GRAPH APIs? We worked with all of them, sometimes several at the same time. In addition, we integrate them separately from the Application layer, so that changes can be handled easily and scalability can be enhanced.

iOS SDK with Swift

We code natively for iPad and iPhone devices. To make the Apps as awesome as possible, we use the latest trends in iOS. Depending on your needs, we can also integrate with other technologies and SDKs. As part of our commitment to quality, we use a variety of testing technologies to make sure our code is as good as possible.

Android SDK with Kotlin

We code natively for Android devices, whether they’re mobile phones or tablets. In addition to using the latest SDK versions, we try to support at least the last five Android versions. Depending on your needs, we also integrate with other SDKs and technologies like Google Maps or Paypal.

Mobile Expertise Consulting

Do you have an idea for a mobile application, or a project that needs to be mobile-friendly?

We evaluate your idea and prepare the requirements before you spend money and resources.

Talent Scouting

Your company is in need of a new developer, but you do not have time to interview multiple candidates?

In order to find the best candidates for your company, we use our network of contacts to find the talent you need, and we do the first interview to determine soft and hard skills.

Open Office

In case you are interested in the talent in Portugal, but do not have a company here, we can assist you in hiring developers remotely.

Workshop and Training

Do you have a developer who needs help reaching the next level? Maybe you would like to hire a junior or mid-level mobile developer and prepare him for faster progress. Let our team assist you!